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Predictive intelligence helps grow your overall revenue.

Increase win rates

Understanding your win rates help you better understand sales opportunities and where they should be in your funnel. This understanding can be applied to knowing how your team is closing new accounts versus closing existing accounts. Knowing these rates as a leader, lets you more effectively coach your team.

Increase deal size

Your deal size is the average closed amount of your won accounts. Deal size is important to track because it tells you what accounts you are most likely to close on and when you are able to start going after bigger accounts and going after customers with higher Lifetime Value (LTV). Monitoring average deal size in comparison to your historical average allows for you to stay on top of a changing pipeline and know when you should start going after larger accounts.

Increase conversion rates

The path from Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead to Opportunity can be a long one. To become an opportunity the account must first have some kind of need, interest in your brand, and to be a good fit. Starting with the best fit accounts to begin with, provided by a predictive intelligence tool, will increase these conversion rates overall.

key Takeaways

  • Predictive intelligence helps grow your overall revenue.
  • Knowing where to start in the Account Based funnel ends with big results in the closing cycle.
  • The marketing and sales cycle can be a long road, start it on the right foot, then analyze the results.

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