Predictive Intelligence helps launch Your Account Based strategies

Solutions for

Account Based Strategy

Predictive helps you focus in on the right accounts so you know who to target.

Lead Scoring

You already have a clear idea of who you are going to target. Once you have completed the lead scoring and ranking process you can go forward knowing who to target and which accounts are most likely to close.

Profiles & Segmentation

You know what content you should be creating to appeal to accounts. After building out your Ideal Customer Profile, you should know who you are targeting and how you are going to target them.


Leadtime’s simple profile builder allows you to segment your accounts based on key signals, such as demographics, firmographics, and technographics. With this segmentation, you are able to customize campaigns that speak to specific personas.

Sync back to the source

1. Sync to platforms to engage customers. 

2. Execute strategy on the marketing and sales sides. 

3. Engage with the best fit accounts and see the results.

key Takeaways

  • Predictive helps you focus in on the right accounts so you know who to target.
  • Predictive profile management allows for further account segmentation and content curation.
  • Sync with all your Account Based strategy tools to execute effective and customized campaigns.

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"Leadtime will change the way you run your business. Infuse transparency, collaborative and data-driven decisions into your business instantly with Leadtime."
Kevin O'Malley
"Leadtime gave us a single platform and a common language to use for account intelligence across the business -- now we have a great rhythm to run our business."
Bradley Wagner
Hannon Hill
Sequr started prospecting a Leadtime list of accounts and our conversion rate from first-touch to demo doubled in comparison to previous lists.
Mike Maxsenti