What can Leadtime do for SDRs?

Quickly Get Insights

Use the Leadtime Chrome Extension daily

  • As you crawl through hundreds of websites, save yourself valuable time by qualifying prospects based on:
    • Insights such as city, state, company size, industry, etc.
    • Whether or not they are in your database
    • Tech stack
    • Recent news articles
    • Companies similar to what you're prospecting
The Leadtime Chrome Extension in action.

Discover More Accounts

Grow your reach with automatically generated net-new accounts

  • Create lists based on your needs and our 50+ filter conditions, including homepage keywords, tech stack, funding information, and more.
  • Add net-new accounts from our system, which sifts through a sea of over 100 million companies.
  • Kick off your outbound campaigns by syncing your net-new accounts with Salesforce, SalesLoft, or Pardot in one easy click!
Example of net-new account discovery.

Stay relevant

Get the latest news from all your followed accounts in one place

  • Keep on the cutting edge by reading through a tailormade-for-you feed of pertinent company news.
  • Email or call any prospect to chat about their most recent funding announcement or blog post, with one click from your newsfeed.
  • It's personalization at scale.
The only news feed you need.

What can Leadtime do for Sales Leaders?

Cut Through Database Clutter

So. Much. Data. But what to do with it? It's easy to drown in endless information, but Leadtime makes it even easier to manage it all.

  • Cut through the chaos and transform that daunting wall of data into functional lists.
  • Access detailed lists that accommodate your specific account trends, current pipeline status, and commonly used keywords to direct your focus towards the best accounts.
Leadtime's simple to use dashboard.

Identify Target Customers with Trends

Hone in on your target customer by using our intelligent, adaptive trend analysis.

  • Leadtime analyzes the buying signals of your current customers, taking the guesswork out of establishing target accounts.
  • Segment your current database using the same proven buying signals, directing your outbound sales strategies towards the most likely path to success.
Trend analysis by keyword, region, and more.

Jumpstart Your Account-Based Sales

Focus in on your target accounts by filtering 100 million companies by keyword, location, headcount, or any of more than 50 other conditions.

  • Coach your reps to focus on established decision makers by creating and segmenting lists via buyer personas or Leadtime Rating.
  • Help SDRs and BDRs spend their time selling to targeted and highly valued accounts, rather than focusing your prospecting efforts at the contact level.
Example of Leadtime's powerful prospect filters.

What can Leadtime do for Sales Operations?

Sync Systems and Maximize Efficiency

No more “20 tabs open in your browser” prospecting. Remove productivity barriers that stem from reliance on multiple systems.

  • Connect your SaaS apps (i.e. Salesforce and Salesloft) to Leadtime, and automate the process of finding and prioritizing new accounts.
  • Identify if high-priority accounts are already present in your integrated databases, and if they aren’t, create those accounts with one easy click on the Leadtime app.
Prospect new accounts in one click.

Easily Build Segmented Lists

Reduce time wasted by your sales team by effectively segmenting your accounts.

  • Whether your team is territory based, vertical based, or round-robin, use segmented condition options to identify all possible accounts for your SDRs, BDRs, and Account Managers.
  • Instantly sync your ideal list back to your database for an easy outbound prospecting plan of attack.
Pinpoint the right prospects using location filters.

Get Current and Clean Data

Have access to millions of data points that we have accumulated by continually crawling millions of websites for the most up-to-date information.

  • Leadtime’s integrations automatically sync account info daily, so you can easily manage your growing sales team.
  • Our modeling system makes sure you’re truly getting the best net-new companies.
Leadtime quickly discovers net-new accounts.

What can Leadtime do for Marketing?

Jumpstart your Account-Based Marketing

Increase ACV by up to 171% by using Account-Based Strategies (source)

  • Use Leadtime’s robust filtering to identify target accounts by qualifications such as whether they’re in your database or whether they fit your ICP.
  • Sift through Public Lists (i.e. Inc 5000s), then filter by keyword, headcount, revenue, location, and 50 other data points to find optimal target customers.
A small peek at Leadtime's canned Public Lists.

Prioritize Inbound Leads

Qualifying leads can be painfully time-consuming. Empower your team to optimize their strategy by prioritizing high scoring companies.

  • Use our intelligent ranking and scoring system to identify companies fitting your ideal customer profile and direct your valuable time towards prospects who are most likely to become customers.
  • Quickly qualify MQLs with the Leadtime Chrome Extension.
Prospect grades visible right in the Chrome Extension.

Know Tradeshow & Conference Audiences

Be the most prepared person in the room at your next conference.

  • Upload conference attendee lists and find target accounts that you'll be sharing the floor with. Create custom content for them in preparation for the event.
  • Search website home pages, blogs, and news releases via our keyword filters to stay up to date with the conference buzz; optimize your strategy and improve your ROI!
A small example of the power of list filtering.

What can Leadtime do for Lead & Demand Generation?

Create Content That Will Drive Growth

Avoid plateauing demand by refreshing old content. Convert visitors into leads by keeping them on their toes!

  • Build lists derived from keyword filters that scrutinize millions of sites to find commonalities between all of your accounts.
  • Create and provide relevant case studies, white papers, and blogs based on your findings.
You can make lists for everything.

Utilize Personalization at Scale

Stay ahead of the game by maintaining a rapidly responsive Marketing team that quickly adapts to changing customer behavior, market conditions, and business direction.

  • Easily fill in buyer personas you don’t have in your system.
  • Tailor messages specific to homepage content and/or keywords, sync with your marketing automation platform, and engage customers with relevant content.
Fill in missing personas with ease.

Awaken the Dead

Sometimes prospects fall off your radar or were just not in purchasing frame of mind the last time you talked. Re-engage them with fresh campaigns.

  • Create lists based on “Last Activity” dates and engage any dead accounts.
  • Analyze trends found in your lists and drum up demand for your product based on the results.
Time filters keep prospects fresh.

try our Smart Prospecting Platform

At Leadtime, we recognize that continuously searching for new accounts and prioritizing existing accounts isn't a good use of your time. Whether you are a marketer trying to increase your ROI or leading a sales team in closing more deals, quicker, we want to help.

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