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At Leadtime, we recognize that continuously search for new accounts and prioritizing existing accounts isn't a good use of your time. We have the solutions you need to ramp up your sales and marketing efforts with speed, intelligence and effectiveness. Whether you are a marketer trying to increase your ROI or leading a sales team in closing more deals, quicker, we want to help.
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Intelligent Account Scoring

Leadtime compares every piece of your customer's information and utilizes a custom scoring system to help determine and rank the prospects that will bring you the most revenue.
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Account Discovery

Based on our machine learning and millions of data points, Leadtime fills your pipeline. By using your current data, we find you new look alike accounts to target.
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Profile Management

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) dictates how you build and market your product. We help you determine your ICP segments so you can start targeting the accounts you want. 
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Launch your Account Based Strategy

Predictive AI is the starting point for your customized Account Based Marketing and Sales. Launching your AB strategy helps you focus on the accounts that matter most, based off of the ICP you’ve curated.
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Marketing and Sales Alignment

Aligning your marketing and sales teams is one of the most important steps you can take to improve performance. When your teams are aligned, your productivity and growth increase.
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Analyzing Profile Insights

Analyze your performance to see how you’re doing and determine what needs to happen next. Our standard reporting tools help you see your areas of improvement.
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It's difficult to pinpoint the best accounts in your database when there's so much noise in your CRM. We've found that most companies don't know every potential customer and 30% of outbound sales and marketing activities are wasted due to poor targeting. Don't worry - we get it. That's why Leadtime's smart prospecting platform exists. We help you focus the sales and marketing efforts on every known account in your addressable market.

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