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Web Presence Condition Searching

April 6, 2017

Leadtime has just released a new feature that's changing the way you target buyers and customers.

Introducing “Web Presence” condition searching in our profile manager.

Here’s WHAT “Web Presence” condition filtering is:

• First, the proprietary Leadtime tool crawls millions of websites in search of keywords, tags, metadata, DNS records, headlines (think H1 tags), etc.

• This crawling bot scrapes all of these sites daily then compiles and stores it in our database.

• Next, you go to the Profile Builder and establish a new profile.

• You can input a few basic characteristics of your Ideal Customer (ie they are in the US and a tech company) to narrow down your search, then you navigate to the “Web Presence” condition filter and input a specific term that resonates with that current Ideal Persona.

• Once you input this data, the models run on the profile you’ve created and output a list of all of your current customers who have that specific term as a part of their web presence.

• In addition to this current list of accounts, you also have a net-new list of accounts who are not currently in your system to target.

Here’s WHY you should use “Web Presence” condition filtering:

Predictive Account Intelligence is the starting block of your marketing campaigning and sales prospecting. You have to start with your ideal accounts first and you have to make the content you create relevant when you are engaging them. This is a great opportunity to get on their level. BE RELEVANT. The “Web Presence” condition filter helps you hone in on messaging that really matters to that future customer. It helps them understand that you actually care about the problems they are facing and want to help solve that problem.

Here’s HOW you use “Web Presence” condition filtering:

1. Create a new Profile

2. Name your new profile with a description of the conditions you’re selecting for.

3. Click “Add Condition” and navigate to “Web Presence” condition.  

4. You’ll have an option to filter your conditional search by the following:

• Alexa Rank

The algorithm according to which Alexa traffic ranking is calculated, is simple. It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months. This traffic is based on such parameters as reach and page views.

• Blog Posts

This condition searches a company’s full blog post library for the input term.  

• Common Keywords

Search for keywords that the ICP members have in common.

• Company Website

This condition crawls a contact’s full website.

• Homepage Content

A homepage contains the most critical offerings of a business. This conditions parses only the homepage to deliver to most pertinent info.

• Homepage Title

In this condition, you are able to get even more granular. Is the term you’re looking for located in the title of the site? Then it’s most likely a key point of business to that buyer.  

• Job Postings

Has a potential customer recently posted a new job? Are they looking to hire or expand their team greatly this next year, hence have some extra spending on hand? You should use this filter to search then.

• News / Press

Press releases are the best way to stay relevant and get personalized with potential customers. This will cue you into any news that will resonate in your targeted campaigns.

5. As an example, search the entire homepage by selecting “Homepage Content” then enter your term in the text box.  

6. Your results will appear within minutes.

• The Overview page gives you a recap of your search conditions.

• The Accounts tab shows you how many of those accounts are in your current customer base.

• The Net New tab provides new accounts that look similar to the current customers based on the search conditions.

7. You will be able to view each account name, their score and their rating in the Accounts tab as well:

Now you’re ready to sync with your sales and marketing platforms and get to campaigning!

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