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Buyer Personas

April 27, 2017

A buyer persona is a segmented representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

You can now build out a list of buyer personas that your sales and marketing teams use in their workflow based on departments, job titles, and seniority levels.

Create a new Persona

Tailor your buyer personas to specific departments, seniority levels, and job titles* that your teams target. (*Job titles are “contains” functions.)

1. Hover over “ADMIN”>Click on Personas

2. Click “+New Persona”

3. Insert a Name for your overall Buyer Persona

4. Include all Job Titles that fit within that specific persona

5. Click “Create Persona” and View the results




Introducing Buyer Personas column in the List section:

In a List: Found Personas

1. Navigate to your buyer personas will be present in the “Accounts” tab of any list in Leadtime.

2. In the Personas column of your accounts list you’ll see what personas are present and which are missing.

3. The number in gray signifies buyer personas present in the Leadtime today.

4. The gray Salesforce Icon indicates that this record has not been synced with the CRM.

5. The blue Salesforce Icon indicates that this record has been synced with the CRM.

6. You may search for more contacts matching this buyer persona straight from Leadtime.

In a List: Missing Personas

1. Click on the Red Number

2. Search for the right contacts at the account straight from Leadtime’s system.

3. Copy/Paste contact info into Leadtime system to begin reaching out.

4. Mark permanently missing contacts as “not findable” to avoid researching the same lead twice.








Introducing Buyer Personas icons in the Accounts & Contacts datatable:

1. You can now dive into and account’s details and see what personas you are missing.





Now you can build a list that includes “all the accounts I own in Salesforce with Persona X” and put those contacts on SalesLoft Cadence Y.

Go and customize your Buyer Personas today!

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