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Adding Leadtime to SalesLoft

February 22, 2017

You can now operationalize your Leadtime data with the SalesLoft integration. With a few simple steps your sales team can be up and running with Leadtime Ratings, Scores, and Tags.

1. Login and click “Setup” in the top right corner.

2. Under “Team Settings” click “Field Configuration”.

3. Click “Company Fields”.

4. Click “New Custom Field”.

5. Under “New Custom Field Mapping” title “SalesLoft Field Name” Leadtime Score. Then click “Save”.

6. Create another custom field and name it Leadtime Rating.

7. These fields will now automatically sync with Leadtime.

Don't forget to integrate your Salesforce account also. Here's a simple guide on getting started.

Sync Leadtime Profiles with SalesLoft Cadences

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