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How Leadtime's Smart Prospecting Tool Works:
What do you need to do? Just provide a list of your customers (or simply integrate with Salesforce).

Connect and Mine Data

We analyze all your internal marketing and sales data as well as external data points by crawling millions of websites. Our proprietary web crawlers scan millions of websites and take demographics, technographics, firmographic, keywords, and social signals into consideration when performing our in-depth customer analysis.

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Continuous Analysis

We continuously score and rate your best fit accounts based on the internal, crawled web data and additional external data points so you can focus on the right opportunities. We look at all signals and weigh them on a scale of what is most likely to convert. 

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Curate Account Lists

Based on the predictive modeling, we show how different profiles compare across key metrics like sales cycle, deal size, and win rate. We surface new lookalike accounts that automatically sync to your sales and marketing platforms so you can speak to each segmented buyers persona and each smart list.

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run Profile Analytics

Use our standard reports to prove ROI of your targeted accounts. See the signals that result in higher conversions and optimize what works! We help you figure out where to spend your valuable time.

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