1. connect your internal data points

Simply integrate with Salesforce (or import a list of your customers directly). We analyze all your internal marketing and sales data with the click of a button.

2. Add Millions of External Data Points

In addition to external data sources, our proprietary web crawlers scan millions of websites and take company size, industry, tech stack, web presence, and social signals into consideration when performing our in-depth customer analysis.

3. Engage Prospecting Intelligence

We apply machine learning algorithms to continuously score and rate your best fit accounts based on internal and external data points so you can focus on the right opportunities. We look at all signals and weigh them on a scale of what is most likely to convert.

4. Target, Segment, and Build Lists

Narrow your scope when searching for that ideal customer by allowing our AI to create comprehensive lists of potential accounts based on your needs.

5. Sync back to the source

Use Leadtime’s powerful software to seamlessly sync your lists into Pardot, Salesforce, or SalesLoft to begin the no-longer-tedious transition from prospect to customer.

...And so much more

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