Leadtime’s features enable you to boost your outbound sales by 20%+
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Chrome Extension

Have the power of Leadtime’s comprehensive database at your fingertips as you browse. Examine a prospect’s tech stack and attributes within seconds, then once you’re ready to pull the trigger, pull up the contact info of exactly who you need to talk to and get ready to make a sale!

Filter and multi-filter with no limits

Smart Lists

Narrow your scope when searching for that ideal customer by allowing our AI to create comprehensive lists of potential accounts based on your needs. Instantly sync these lists with Salesloft, Salesforce, or Pardot to cut down on wasted time between prospect discovery and outbound campaigning.

It's like using Google on millions of potential prospects' websites, all at once

Condition Filters

With over 50 filter options, the specificity of your search is limited only by your imagination and your motivation. Use qualifications such as location, tech stack, and homepage keywords to zero in on the best possible fit for your sales team to invest their time in.

Filter and multi-filter without limitations.

Public Lists

Direct your focus towards high value customers by having full, integrated access to public lists of the most influential accounts on the market right now. Look back at previous years to analyze the trends of yesteryear and use this information to ensure that your company trends in the right direction.

Hundreds of public lists for reference.

Account Overviews

Visit an account’s page to access industry information, create contacts, and examine invaluable insights such as technologies used, location, and headcount. Pick and choose which accounts to follow in order to populate your newsfeed with relevant information to your needs.

Everything you need to know about your prospects in one place


In order to put yourself on the map, you first have to know where people are looking! Help your sales team keep up with constantly varying demands by giving them the tools to closely monitor a diverse pool of customer behavior. Analyze trends through the lens of your specific, personal profile and make your company stand out.

Identify your customer fingerprint so you can prospect more intelligently

New Accounts

Once you’ve cleaned up your CRM, it’s time to expand your customer base. Your refined lists of proven successes allow Leadtime’s cutting edge algorithms to find you accounts that belong in your database. Let us lead you to your next big sale.

Automatically locate net-new accounts based on your criteria


Make the connections you need to take your company to the next level with the click of a button. Eliminate the hassle of trying to track people down all over the internet by allowing us to crawl millions of sites and bring the information right to you. Instantly sync the lists you make back to your database to hit the ground running on your outbound campaign.

Prospect persona leads with a click

Buyer Personas

Polish your research by aligning your search qualifications with your ideal customer profile. Use a multitude of conditions to create the prototypical patron of your product and then find real life individuals who fit this perfect mould.

Find the ideal customer with ease


Experience the buzz from the companies who matter to you, screened and collected by us, all in one place. Engage with prospects directly from your newsfeed, and tailor your sales approach to guarantee a personalized customer experience that is sure to be appreciated.

Contact prospects straight from the news feed

Sync Settings

Seamlessly integrate your lists into Pardot, Salesforce, or SalesLoft to begin the coveted transition between leads and accounts. Use Leadtime’s powerful software to organize and categorize your prospects, sync your lists to your CRM, then use a personalized sales strategy to ensure success.

Sync back to your original data source