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Your Marketing Funnel: ToFu, MoFu and BoFu

Let’s talk about ToFu!

That’s right Tofu.

No, I’m not talking about those white blocks of soybean curds, I’m talking about the Top of the Funnel. While we’re here, we might as well talk about MoFu and BoFu as well, since having a deep understanding of the type of content your marketing team is providing from top to middle to bottom of your funnel is crucial when it comes to reaching your target customer.

First, let’s break down each funnel stage and then we can talk about what diverse content your team should be producing so you can beat your competitors in their lead generation efforts.

ToFu: Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel represents the part of the funnel that generates awareness, educates prospects, and cultivates brand buzz on your product or service. Measuring the inbound channels at the top of the funnel helps you gain an understanding of your marketing landscape. About 75% of your website traffic is categorized in this stage of the funnel. Here, customers are trying to answer the question “What do I need?”

Top of the Marketing Funnel, ToFu

Purpose: Generate Leads

Suggested content to provide:
• Blogs
• Whitepapers
• Guides
• eBooks
• Checklists
• Infographics
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MoFu: Middle of the Funnel

In this stage, a visitor has filled out the appropriate forms and they've converted from visitor to prospect. While they are interested in viewing your content, that doesn’t necessarily make them a qualified lead….yet. Mid-funnel content is persuasive, educational, and targeted. This stage is the most complicated funnel section because of the broad diversity of interest and urgency represented by your customers. Roughly 22% of your website traffic is categorized in this stage of the funnel. Here, customers are trying to answer the question “Why do I need it from you?”

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Middle Marketing Funnel, MoFu

Purpose: Generate Prospects

Suggested content to provide:
• Webinars
• Targeted newsletters
• Case studies
• Free samples
• FAQ sheets
• Spec sheets
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BoFu: Bottom of the Funnel

Last but certainly not least is the BoFu. Content in this stage is often used by your sales team and is comprised of assets that help persuade a prospect to purchase from your company. The main goals of content delivered to buyers at this stage of their journey are: highlighting products and/or services, positioning your brand as superior to competitors, and inspiring confidence in a purchase decision. A small percent (2-3%) of your website traffic is categorized in this stage of the funnel. Here, customers are trying to answer the question “Why should I buy it now?”

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Purpose: Generates sale And qualified leads

Suggested content to provide: 
• Free trials
• Demos
• Assessments
• Consultations
• Coupons

Providing diverse content geared towards each of these stages is going to help your sales team reach their quotas faster and lock in those paying customers with less pain.

How about you?

What stage of the funnel does your team need help on? How have you been able to grow your converted prospect numbers with the lead generation content you’re providing?

July 27, 2016
Jacey Lucus
Marketing Data

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