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Why Should You Qualify Leads?

What does it mean to qualify leads?

Say someone signs up for your company’s newsletter or downloads an ebook. Does that make them a good lead to pursue? Not necessarily. Just because a person or company shows interest in your brand does not mean that they are a good fit for your product. The ultimate goal of qualifying leads is to quickly eliminate non-opportunity accounts.

Here’s where qualifying leads come into play.

Qualifying a lead means determining if an account is worth your team’s time and effort. Qualifying leads is important because it allows you and your team to save time and work more efficiently. To understand this further, think of a lead as a potential employee applying for a job. If an applicant doesn’t have any of the necessary experience needed for the job, you wouldn’t call them and then interview them only to tell them “no” at the end even though you knew all along they weren’t a good fit for your team. Accounts are the same way. You shouldn’t market directly to them and guide them through the pipeline with content or demos only to get to the end and admit they aren’t a good fit for your product.

So, when you interact with an account, how do you determine when someone IS a good fit?

Utilize your Ideal Customer Profile

Your ideal customer profile, or ICP, is where you define what you want your customer base to look like. Your ICP allows you to find your best fit accounts and to focus on the right content. When focusing on your best fit accounts, having your ICP allows you to qualify accounts. This can be done simply by looking at a potential account and seeing if they meet the requirements for your ICP. For example, if your ICP is tech companies that are based in the North America and have at least 500 employees, you know that a company showing interest that only has 10 employees already doesn’t meet your ICP and shouldn’t be qualified.

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February 23, 2017

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