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Why Is Your Ideal Customer Profile So Important?

It’s important to determine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) segments so you can start targeting the accounts you want. Your ICP dictates how you develop and speak about your product.

What is an ICP?

Typically, an ICP is a description of a customer that includes demographic, geographic, and technographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history. Your ICP should be your starting point. Having a defined ICP allows you to jumpstart your Account-Based Marketing and Sales strategies.

How does an ICP help?

When you take the time to build out an ICP, it’s giving you the chance to define what you want your company’s customer base to look like and therefore what your company will look like. It helps you establish when to focus on a customer and when to let them go. For example, Leadtime summaries showcase win rates, deal size and sales cycles. If your win rate falls below the goal rate established by your team, you’re probably not focusing on the right persona.

How Does Your ICP Impact Marketing?

Find Your Best Fit Accounts

Knowing who is a good fit for your product allows you to market more efficiently and reallocate your valuable time to the accounts that are more likely to close. Your content should be relevant to your ICP. Without having a clear and defined ICP, marketing can seem like shooting arrows in the dark. Knowing who you are creating content for is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have because it allows your team to work efficiently.  

Focus on the right content

Knowing who you are creating content for allows you to know what content you should be making. Having custom content that is tailored to your target accounts allows you to market more efficiently. When your content is relevant and important to your accounts, you are increasing the likelihood that they will actually take the time to look at it.

Your accounts are constantly being flooded with content from every direction, making it easy for them to get distracted from your message. The more relevant and important to your accounts, you are increasing the likelihood that they will actually take the time to look at it. Your accounts are looking for help and resources, having content that answers any questions they have will reflect positively on your brand. Additionally, relevant and interesting content can help you build up your social following. Sharing interesting articles, blog posts, and videos can all be factors in being found on social media accounts.

February 12, 2017
Caitlin Glasscock
Data Marketing

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