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What It's Like To Work At Leadtime

Hello there - it's Christopher! I had the pleasure of working for Leadtime from January through August on a variety of projects and tasks, and I am thrilled to give you a peek at what it's like to work here. I write this post here on my last hour in the office and have tons to say, but I will keep it sweet and simple.

Leadtime has taken amazing strides the entire summer and it has been an honor to be a part of the process, right here from the trenches. The team has seen successes on the sales, marketing, development, and customer research fronts; and every success calls for celebration. Be it team lunches, Playing Pokemon Go....

Pokeman Gotta catch them all
Leadtime's gotta' catch them all!

 ...or just some solid encouragement over Slack 🙏 💯, the team is always supportive of each other's work and ready to socialize. 

The Leadtime team is uniquely gifted and each member hails from a variety of work experiences ranging from CEOs to coding wizards to heads of social outreach programs to ex-founders. The team has worked on young, old, failed, and successful companies and that experience shines through everyone's quality work every single day. You should fully expect to soak up all that knowledge and experience from every teammate in the office. This highly experienced gang meshes well and it's been a breeze to work alongside them and contribute my unique expertise as well!

The team, though serious and committed to excellence, is precisely what you would hope for if you are a fan of social, uplifting, and enjoyable environments. I cannot begin to express how great the perks available to the team are... just to briefly summarize, there's ping pong, roof access, free lunches on Friday, free snacks (beer counts as a snack right?), and even a nap room if you need to slip away for a minute (or thirty...). Point being, it's been nothing but fun alongside my coworkers here. Work hard, play hard.

On top of the work and the play is the unmatched mentorship, techy workspace, and key lenience when you may have unexpected personal happenings and need some time. Everything about my experience at WorkGreat has been beyond optimal and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

If this experience sounds like your kinda gig, then check out the Leadtime jobs page.

✌️ Christopher Travers

August 5, 2016
Christopher Travers

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