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What is Sales Coaching?

What is Sales Coaching?

Coaching is one of the most critical elements of sales management and yet so many are doing it wrong.

Managers often forget that at its core, sales coaching is about people. It’s about helping salespeople grow by learning from their experiences (the good and the bad). A Sales Manager should aim to help their sales rep discover what impacts their overall effectiveness - both negatively and positively. Once these levers (which could be behaviors, skills, or mindset) that result in personal success or failure are discovered, sales coaching should focus on improving one lever at a time.

Most coaching tends to focus on the errors, mistakes, and weaknesses of a rep, but managers can have an even greater impact by highlighting areas where a rep has excelled and encouraging her to continue.

By clarifying their reps’ focus, pinpointing the most important opportunities in their pipeline, the top priorities, and the biggest areas of improvement, both reps and managers can get the most out of 1-on-1 sessions.

All of this leads us to the ultimate goal of coaching - To put in place a recurring cadence of conversations that are specific, data-driven, and actionable.

Why Should I Use Sales Coaching in My Business?

Coaching takes time, discipline, and commitment, but those who subscribe to this magic formula are richly rewarded. Research shows that the difference between high quality and low quality coaching is stark - a nearly 20% improvement in rep performance. And then there’s this from the Sales Executive Council: Reps who receive over 3 hours of coaching each month had a 17% higher goal attainment than reps who were coached less than 2 hours a month.

It’s clear that done right high quality sales coaching will lead to increased revenue, improved forecasting, and happier employees. It’s the simplest and most effective way a Sales Manager can increase sales.

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January 11, 2017
David Cummings

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