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Understanding the Role of Sales Ops Manager

A Sales Operations Manager, also known as Sales Ops, has a variety of roles on a sales team. The core elements of the role involve understanding and managing data as well as implement technology to aid in understanding it.

Understanding of Key Analytics

A successful Sales Ops Manager needs to have a firm understanding of analytics. Analytics is constantly growing in importance because of the role it plays in improving your sales by fine-tuning your processes. Of course, there is technology and software to collect and provide an analysis of the data needed.  A Sales Ops Manager should be able to know what is happening with any current accounts or prospects and be able to back up their knowledge with data.

Create Opportunities for Data

When it comes to monitoring activity surrounding a given prospect, it can be difficult when you provide marketing materials or other materials that count as a touchpoint. This difficulty is because you can no longer monitor exactly what they decided to do with that content. A good Sales Ops Manager should know the best way to work around this is to deliver content that is tracked and digital. Are you sending them an eBook? Send them a link to download it rather than a PDF, that way you can see if they took the effort to obtain it themselves by downloading.

Align Teams

Another crucial job of a Sales Ops Manager is making sure everyone is on the same page. The Sales Ops Manager is responsible for making sure that everyone is clear on what expectations their manager has for them. However, aligning expectations doesn’t stop with the sales department or team. Sales and marketing departments should be also be aligned to help bring a lead fluidly through the pipeline and to closing. One helpful tool in getting them on the same page is creating an SLA

Generate and Manage Leads

Often times there can be a conflict between marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads over which is more important and useful. Does your team have a Data Dictionary? Both are important and valuable but it is up to the Sales Ops Manager to help the marketing and sales teams views align. The Sales Ops Manager can make generating and following up on leads a joint task. The sales team works to communicate with the leads and the marketing team helps to create the content that brings the leads in. Without the Sales Ops Manager helping the alignment between the two teams, closing rates would be minimal. 

When each of these four things aligns Sales Ops Manager are able to foster their passion for creating systems and processes to enable sales teams and grow results.‍


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