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Understanding the Role of Director of Sales

A director of sales is a high-level role that involves the creation and justification of sales plans. They also supervise sales managers to ensure sales teams are being lead and guided in the best ways possible. The Director of Sales should be skilled and experienced enough to identify and correct issues as well as create a plan to help their team meet their overall goals.


This may seem like an obvious one but, none the less, is important. How well a director of sales does is directly linked to how a company’s sales perform. The ultimate responsibility for a company’s sales falls on the director. They should be constantly aware of performance and communicating. Their most important job in sales is just being aware of overall performance.

Sales Team Strategizing

The Director of Sales is responsible for sales performance so strategy is an important part of their job. Setting a strategy is a way for the Director of Sales to take on an active role in keeping sales performance high. Strategizing helps decide the direction the company will be heading in the future. The market is changing constantly so it’s important to keep updating sales team strategies.

Foresee and Address Market Changes

A market will never stay the same for too long and it’s up to the Director of Sales to be able to foresee these changes. Knowing these upcoming changes to the market will help identify new strategic moves to help the company adjust to the changes.

Protect Profit Margins

Protecting profit margins is an important aspect of a Director of Sales job. They need to be able to keep prices set at an effective level so the company can profit as well as making sure to keep sales volumes high. They should be able to work with pricing analyst to determine the sweet spot that keeps profits high but with a competitive price.

Recruit a Killer Sales Staff

The best sales staffs are motivated to achieve personal and company goals. The director of sales is largely responsible for recruiting these types of individuals for their staff. They should be able to deliver the best leaders to a team as well. The director of sales shapes the tone of a company by what type of sales team members they recruit and hire.

Director of Sales is a crucial role in any company because of their responsibilities links to a company’s income. Any individual is known for great people skills and their ability to convincingly inform customers of their products benefits. It takes a driven and passionate individual to be able to effectively lead a sales team with their sales plans.

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November 17, 2016
Caitlin Glasscock

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