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Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing a SDR

Not everyone is cut out to be a sales development representative. When it comes to interviewing candidates to join your sales team, how do you determine who is cut out for the job?

We’ve compiled our top questions to ask to help you determine who will be the next person on your team.

How do you handle rejection?

A part of cold calling and emailing is being rejected. How a potential SDR handles rejection can set the tone for how well they do their job. If they get frustrated or overly emotional it could be a sign that they aren’t the best candidate for the job. An ideal candidate would be an individual who is expecting to be rejected often and won’t be fazed or discouraged by it.

Talk to me like I’m a lead. Explain our product to me.

This question has two points. The first point is to see how well they can explain a product to a lead. Hearing a candidate explain your product lets you see how they will speak to a lead. The second is to determine how well they know and researched your company’s product before they came for their interview.

Call me and leave a voicemail.

Getting a potential customer’s voice mailbox is common. The best SDRs are able to easily leave a calm, clear, and well thought out voicemail. It is important that your candidate doesn’t get caught off guard and still speaks clearly and persuasively. The best candidates are the ones who leave a brief and personal message.

What are some challenges you are expecting to face?

Being a sales development rep isn’t always the easiest job in the world and your potential SDR should know that. It’s important to have a good understanding of sales. This includes knowing what challenges and problems they might face. You can also lead this part of the conversation by asking them previous challenges they’ve faced. If your candidate is walking in thinking this job will be as easy and bump free then they might not be realize what it takes to be in this position.

Explain your pre-cold call process

SDRs all have slightly different approaches to preparing for a call. It’s important that they at least do something and don’t make the call only knowing the person’s name. The potential SDR should have a strategic approach that involves researching who they’re calling to see how their product fits best into the life of a potential customer. The opposite of doing no research is doing too much research. The SDR shouldn’t be limiting the number of calls they’re making because they are spending too much time looking up their potential customer.

What are your go-to SDR interview questions?

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November 21, 2016
Caitlin Glasscock

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