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Tools of the Trade

A lot of being successful in the work you do boils down to the tools in your tool belt. We’ve compiled our top tools to use to make your day more efficient.


Trello is great for letting others know what you’re working on. You can have shared boards and allow team members to see your actual lists or it can serve as a quick reference when you’re asked what you’re working on. Trello is more than a to-do list, it allows you to organize all your thoughts and tasks. You can quickly jot down something you don’t have time to focus on and then open it back up when you have the time and energy to focus on it.

Google Apps for Work

Google is so much more than just a search engine. Gmail is a staple for any Google user. Gmail allows easy customization while having a clean and professional interface. Two great features Google has is Drive and Calendar. Google Drive allows you to access your work anywhere and across any operating system. It gives you the option to have shared documents and folders for team collaboration. Google Calendar works similarly by letting you share and send invitations to events and dates with team members. This comes in handy when planning meetings with your team. In addition to Drive and Calendar, Google offers Google Analytics and Google Adwords. These two features allows you to track data for your website and assist in keyword planning and search engine optimization.  


Slack is a great tool because it allows all your team members to communicate in the same place. It’s extremely easy to send links or upload documents, Slack even integrates with your Google Drive files. The search bar makes the app even better because you’ll never have to worry about a link or message getting lost in the clutter of your conversations. There is the option for private messages so you don’t have to announce everything to your entire team. What brings all of the great features of Slack together is that it’s accessible anywhere. You can install the app on your computer or phone but is still accessible through a link with your team’s domain.


MeetEdgar is a great social media posting website that automates your posting. You have the option to schedule your content for specific times or to build your content library. Once you build up your content library and create a posting schedule, MeetEdgar takes care of the rest. The site also allows you to pull in other site content to share on your social pages for variety in your social content.

These are just some of our top choices for tools that make our lives easier. What are your go-to tools?

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December 14, 2016
Caitlin Glasscock
Tips Culture

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