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The Top 5 Reports You Should Be Tracking In Google Analytics

Have you been questioning what the best way for you to use Google Analytics is? There are so many different reports it can sometimes be hard to determine which will suit your company’s needs best. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 5 reports you should be using to cash in on data from Google Analytics that you actually want and need. 

Content Efficiency

If your website is full of resources such as blogs or demos tracking the content can easily get confusing and overwhelming. By using the Content Efficiency report you can track page views and the bounce rate on all of your content. This information serves as a way for you to determine what type of content is performing best, whether that’s tutorial videos, blogs, or infographics. Knowing your strongest content also helps you identify and later focus more on the content that is converting page readers to customers.

Referring Pages

Using this report is a great way to gauge how effective you are at building and tracking links to your company’s website. This report helps you identify the average duration someone is on your page as well as the bounce rate. Additionally, the Per Session Value data helps you to identify the links that are generating your company actual results.

Keyword Analysis

The Keyword Analysis report creates a list of your frequently used and popular keywords. Each keyword is shown with conversion rates, goal completions as well as the time it took for the page to load. What becomes really useful with this report is the featured tab that measures the engagement for each of your keywords. Measuring the keyword engagement becomes extremely useful for creating marketing content.

Mobile Performance

In today’s reign of cellphones this report is extremely useful for understanding your site’s optimization for mobile devices and what improvements you can be making. A common issue for mobile sites is a high bounce rate, this report can help you identify if you have this problem and know if you should be adjusting your site.

Real Time Organic Search

Paid searches are an extremely common, even popular, option but that doesn’t mean organic searches aren’t still around. By keeping tabs on your organic searches you can see just what is inspiring potential customers to click on your links. This dashboard lets you see the number of active visitors on your site as well as what keyword they searched to find the link that brought them to your page. Using this information will help you determine some of your prime SEO words that can be used in paid searches.

October 26, 2016

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