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Scaling Your ABM Strategy with Lists

The buying process is constantly changing, and because of that, the way your marketing and sales teams interact with potential customers is as well. Accounts want to feel like you and your team have made an effort to personally reach out to them and the best way to achieve this is with account-based marketing. ABM is a great strategy to raise brand awareness while targeting a specific list of high-value accounts.

Tiered Approach to Targeting Accounts

When you utilize account-based marketing, you should start with a smart list and utilize lead scoring. Once you have determined which accounts are ideal to pursue, the next step should be separating them into different tiers based on how high of a priority that account is to target. When beginning your ABM strategies, we'd suggest the following tiered approach.

Tier one is composed of about 15-25 accounts. 

Tier two is composed of about 500 accounts.

Tier three is composed of about 1000 accounts.

This allows your sales and marketing to spend a bit more focused efforts on the Tier one accounts. The contacts in Tier one will score higher then Tier 2 and 3 which will also lead to better conversions.

Target Account List

The concept of account-based marketing is that you are targeting specific list or Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), and lead scoring. Once you have determined your best accounts you want to find more accounts like them, right? Right! The best way to do this is with net-new lookalike accounts. These are accounts that have the same qualities of accounts that you have previously closed on.

Maintain Your Customer Base

ABM isn’t just about customer journey. Once you close on an account, you should be working to build a relationship so that your customer can form a loyalty with your brand. Customer loyalty is important when it comes time to renew or when upsell opportunities arise. Building your customer base isn’t just about new accounts, it’s also retaining your current ones.

Segment Your Accounts

We live in the modern era of customization, nobody wants a generic message sent to them that hundred of others also receive the exact same message. When emailing, you should segment your accounts based off of different features that make them unique. You wouldn’t target a SaaS company the same way you would target a typical B2C company.

These are just a few of the ways we run our ABM strategy. How are you scaling yours?

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April 12, 2017
Caitlin Glasscock
Marketing Tips

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