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Rainmaker 2017 Recap

Raise your hand if you were at Rainmaker this year!

To say the least, Rainmaker 2017...was stellar.

The SalesLoft team has once again outdone themselves with a quality conference someone ACTUALLY wants to attend. The Leadtime team was fortunate enough to attend this epic 3-day sales and marketing fest and we are honored to send out a recap of some of the key takeaways from the event.

1. SalesLoft don't play! 

SalesLoft knows how to throw an amazing opening party. They brought in members of Stomp for an epic opening presentation, complete with sparks!

2. From Kyle Porter

CEO at SalesLoft

“To be great, we must maximize the QUALITY and the QUANTITY of engaged selling with the right personas at our target accounts.”

3. From Jacco van der Kooij

Founder of Winning by Design

Be Relevant. Especially in emails.

RELEVANT supersedes Personalization.

4. From Steven Broudy 

Director, Inside Sales, Americas at Mulesoft

Figuring out how much time to spend on the personalization of prospecting can be tough. Here’s an equation to help.

To find the correct amount of time to spend on each tiered account: P= (M x S) / T

5. From Derek Grant 

VP of Sales at SalesLoft

The stakes are HIGH, and if your company isn’t practicing some form of sales enablement, you’re setting your team up for failure.

“77% of companies practice sales enablement in some form.” - Aberdeen Group

6. From Jacco van der Kooij 

Founder of Winning by Design

Be an expert in interaction and be about people first.  

Be an Expert TALKER:

Tone of voice
Ask questions (Lead with this)
Listen actively (not with the intent to sell)
Keep notes (by hand)
Repeat what you heard

Read more here about his thoughts on loving your customer.

7. From John Barrows 

Who trains salespeople for the world’s leading companies.

Get rid of “touching base” and “checking in” verbiage. No one even tries to pretend that’s relevant anymore.

Use “The reason for my call is..”

Come up with some great attention grabbers that will actually work.

8. From Steven Broudy 

Director, Inside Sales, Americas at Mulesoft

You need to manage your time when prospecting.

It’s about finding the overlap of Efficiency and Effectiveness:

9. From Steve Richard

Founder & CRO at ExecVision

Consistent sales process is impossible without visibility. Strive to have accountability in your coaching process. Turns out, 62% of SDRs don't think their managers are held accountable.

10. From Craig Rosenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Analyst at TOPO

It’s never too late to start Account Based Strategies and here’s why:

Account Based Strategies increase Average Annual Contract Value (ACV) by 171%.

There you have it! Rainmaker 2017 is a wrap and we’re stoked go back in 2018. Hats off to you SalesLoft and company!

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March 8, 2017
Jacey Lucus

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