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Prospecting: The Handoff

The goal of an SDR, and of prospecting, is to schedule demos with companies with the hopes that they will purchase your product. Once the SDR schedules a demo that prospect is transferred to the Account Executive, or AE, for the next steps. There are a few tips to help make the handoff as seamless as possible.

Get Them To Commit

Once your prospect agrees to move forward you should immediately nail down a date and time. Avoid the generic “next week” or “in a few days” timeline because it will make it harder to actually get ahold of them and prolong your sales cycle. It’s best to send them a message with a specific date and time and if they have any conflicts then you can move that appointment around.  

Send Your AE Any Notes You Gathered on a Prospect

These notes can include things you’ve learned from researching before a call as well as anything you found out after contacting the prospect. The more information an account executive has on an account, the more likely they will be able to successfully guide them to a purchase. One of the best methods of handing off these notes is in your CRM. It's easy to quickly write notes and save, so all parties can see the info.

Have an Open Communication

The AE should be able to effortless go back to the SDR and ask any questions they might have about an account. An SDR should be able to communicate to an AE about any thoughts or concerns they’re having with passing along a prospect. Open communication allows both parties to be on the same page.

Double Check That a Prospect is Qualified

Does the prospect have the available budget? Is the prospect have the capacity to buy this quarter? Is your product a good fit for their company? These are all questions you should be able to answer before passing them along.

One method SDRs can use is the BANT qualification method:


Do they have the budget to actually purchase your product?


Does the person you're speaking to have buying power?


Does your prospect's company have a need your product can fulfill?


Where is the prospect in the buying process? Are they ready to make a purchase soon?

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May 17, 2017
Caitlin Glasscock

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