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Prospecting Best Practices

Prospecting can be a salesperson’s greatest weakness or greatest strength, depending on how they go about it. Whether it's something that comes easy to you or something you struggle with, it’s crucial to be able to keep your pipeline filled.

Set Aside Time

Prospecting is just one of those things that no one really wants to do but that needs to be done. It isn’t particularly hard to do, but it can be easy to push off to the next day and then the day after that, until it’s built up and you’ve made more work for yourself than necessary. When you avoid prospecting, you get stuck with an empty pipeline. The best reps set aside a block of time out of their schedule to knock it out for the week. You can block off an hour or two each day, or you can devote one day of the week to finishing it up. Whatever you choose, as a rep, it is important to hold yourself accountable for the prospecting that needs to be done.

Know Your Target Accounts

The first step in anything is knowing who you are targeting. During prospecting, to know who you should be focusing on you need to have a strong understanding of your company’s product in addition to different use cases. Knowing which companies and who in those companies to market to will allow you to more effectively prospect. Knowing who to talk to in the company is just as important as knowing which companies to target. It’s important to focus on the individuals who actually have the buying power or influence in the organization. This is where you are better off talking to a senior-level sales manager rather than a SDR.

Don’t Make More Work For Yourself

Prospecting is a lot of work but you can make it easier on yourself by utilizing resources, such as Leadtime, to work smarter, not harder. Many sales reps devote a large portion of their day making calls or preparing to make calls. With account intelligence, you can quickly and efficiently identify your best fit accounts.

Utilize Social Selling

As social media grows stronger, social selling becomes more relevant and necessary than ever. Your prospects’ social media activity can give you insight into their thoughts, upcoming business moves, and if they may be in the market for your company’s products. Monitoring your prospects social media accounts provides you with a way to make your product a possible answer to any problems they might be having.

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April 27, 2017
Caitlin Glasscock

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