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Pro-Tip: Automatically Display Business Dashboards

It’s critical to keep your business dashboards visible.

Imagine if you were watching your favorite sport team playing in the championship game. Now images if you couldn't see a simple scoreboard, how would you know who's winning!? You don't.

Are you able to see your business reports easily and quickly at a glance? If you are already tracking your SDR performance, campaign performance and forecasted revenue for the quarter, why not display that data for your entire team to see. When dashboards are displayed openly, many things happen:  

• You’ll have an influence on employees' efficiency
• All employees' motivation is increased
• Your decision making process is sped up since the information is viewable at a glance
• You are able to keep all of your team motivated and when they see their dashboard, and who's winning, you instill a bit of healthy competition amongst them.

So, what's the best way to display to scoreboard? The possibilities are endless but here’s a quick pro-tip on how we showcase our dashboards at DataVibe.

  • We use an Apple TV connected to a TV in our main room.
  • In the morning when we come in, we flip on the switch and display our team dashboards.
  • We open three Chrome tabs showcasing our Pardot, Salesforce and SalesLoft dashboards.
  • Next, we use a chrome extension called Revolver - Tabs to continually scroll through each team’s dashboard. You can find this extension here.
  • Voilà! All day, every day we have business intelligence at our fingertips.

What about you!? What are some of the ways your team showcases their business dashboards? How does your team know if the metrics they're tracking are working? 

Let us know!

September 7, 2016
Jacey Lucus

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