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Prepping for Success: Transitioning from SDR to AE

Are you a sales development representative hoping to move up and become an account executive? If you are, that’s great! Typically, moving up to being an account executive, or AE, is a way you can advance your career. Maybe you’re a sales leader looking for candidates to become your company’s next AE. Either way, there are a few important factors that can make an sales development representative, or SDRs, a good candidate to transition to an AE.

What is a sales development representative?

Sales development representatives are sales reps whose sole job is to center their attention on outbound prospecting. It’s important for SDRs to focus on outbound prospecting because they are able to identify their company’s target customers and reach out to them specifically as a way to build a connection between the company and the potential customer.

How is being an account executive different?

As an account executive you are responsible for building and keeping the connection between your company and your company’s clients. The customers they work with are all in a variety of different industries so an account executive will also have their hand in different industries. The account executive’s primary job is know their company’s services and products better than anyone else so that they can easily and effortlessly make sales.

So how do you transition from an SDR to an AE?

Take a genuine interest in your leads

If you are an SDR you need to invest yourself and have a genuine interest in the leads that you are following and showing to your account executives. Being invested and interested in the outcome of your leads shows the extra effort that you’re willing to put in. As an SDR you should be aware of all of your opportunities and follow them to find out what happens with each lead.

Maximize individual metrics

When it comes to transitioning SDRs to AEs it comes down to which SDRs perform the highest. Metrics are increasingly important as well as understanding and dominating role specific KPIs. Any SDR that understands the importance of their individual metrics will easily be able to focus on the overall metrics of the company.

Be willing to move out of your comfort zone

Many working individuals, not just SDRs, fall into a comfort zone and become content doing what they’re currently doing and not pushing themselves to take on more responsibility. Additionally, some individuals have themselves convinced they aren’t capable of moving up the ranks. There will be SDRs who actually want to push themselves to be more and accomplish more but there will also be the ones who just want to move up because it seems like the next logical step. You should focus on being one of those SDRs who wants to push themselves further and harder because those are the SDRs that, in the end, actually accomplish more and move on to becoming an AE.

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October 28, 2016
Caitlin Glasscock
Sales Tips

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