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Pains of Prediction: Non-Responsive Accounts

There are many pains when it comes to using predictive marketing and sales, one of them being non-responsive leads. Non-responsive leads occur when you’ve made numerous calls and sent plenty of emails, but your account has just gone silent. The best way to go about these situations is to identify the cause of their silence and work around it. Here are some of our tips on working with a non-responsive account.

Don’t Forget About Them

Typically, as an SDR, you should continue reaching out to accounts that are unresponsive if you want to eventually lead them to closing. It’s important to never call your lead out on their silence because it will cause guilt and further avoidance rather than action. You are better off to follow-up on a non-responsive account like they are a new lead. It’s important to be persistent without pestering or harassing your account. Make sure the emails you send contain content that is both relevant and engaging.

Consider a breakup email

Are you just getting silence from the account you’re pursuing? This could mean anything from your point of contact not being in the office to having lost the deal. A “breakup” email can be an option when trying to elicit a response from an account that has gone silent. This type of email let’s you know where you stand; you can either confirm that the account is going nowhere or pick up where you left off and continue down the pipeline. When you do send a breakup email, it’s important to remind your account that you are there to help them.

Talk to someone else

If you don’t think a breakup email is the best option, then finding a new point of contact may be better on your relationship with this account. When you have a non-responsive account, you can try to get them to respond but, if they don’t, you can send some kind of message to someone else in the company. This tactic is best used shortly after your account goes quiet. When you use this tactic, you are taking your lead’s silence as a “no” and using them as a bridge to your next point of contact.

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February 19, 2017

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