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Outbound Prospecting: What You Should Know

Outbound prospecting, what is it?

Outbound prospecting is a process that identifies a future customer that your team directly reaches out to as a way to introduce them to your product and company.

Outbound prospecting can include cold calls and emails as well as outbound social media. Ideally you would have a dedicated sales team to work on outbound efforts. Inbound sales is typically the more preferred route to take but isn’t always enough.

How is a prospect different than a lead?

Lead: a potential customer with a previously expressed interest in your company or product
Prospect: a potential customer with limited or no exposure to your company or product; leads that are qualified to be potential customers

When would you use outbound prospecting?

Inbound marketing efforts may not always be producing enough leads, or the right kind of leads. This scenario is where cold calls may be beneficial to shake up what you’re doing and gain some new and different leads than the ones you’ve been getting. Outbound prospecting also works when you know the exact customers you want to target, typically larger accounts or ones more likely to make a purchase. However, it’s good to try and avoid outbound prospecting when the lifetime value of a customer is low.


There is a fear and stigma with cold calls resulting in failure. To avoid your call from failing you should research your target before you proceed. Your prospect might not be familiar with you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to know them or their company before you make that initial call. Knowing even a little about your prospect can help you know how you should direct the conversation.

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November 4, 2016
Caitlin Glasscock
Sales Tips

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