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Marketing and Sales Alignment

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is marketing and sales alignment. Marketing generates leads while sales

Meet Regularly

This may seem obvious but it’s often something that many teams aren’t doing. The best way to understand who is working on what is sit down and talk. Your marketing team can start going to the sales team’s weekly meetings where they can learn what the needs of the sales team are as well as how they can help. The marketing team may be creating great content but if it isn’t relevant to an SDR’s current account then it won’t be nearly as effective.

Joint Communications

What tools does your company use to communicate? If you’re using an app such as Slack it could be a good move to have a joint sales and marketing channel. That way your marketing team can send links or upload content and then the sales team has an easy way to reach out to the marketing team. Having an email alias that sends emails to your marketing and sales teams is another way to share information to both parties.  

Expose Marketing to Calls

Marketing may not know exactly what goes on in the sales team’s calls. It may be a good idea to let the marketing team listen to calls

Get to Know Each Other

Actually knowing who you are working and collaborating is makes it so much easier for the two teams to work as one. Have your marketing and sales teams do joint activities outside typical office interactions. You can do anything from grabbing lunch together or playing ping pong in the break room. The two teams knowing each other beyond their professional interactions will make working together easier and more enjoyable.

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February 16, 2017

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