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Keeping Efficiency Simple, Stupid

At Leadtime, we know that time is your most precious commodity. Imagine the amount of work your team accomplishes from 5 PM until 9 AM the following morning (after your usual work hours). Apart from automated processes such as data collection or your Buffer feed, nothing gets done. Now imagine if you sacrificed just one precious hour from your regular workday due to team inefficiency. If you were to put a grade on that day, it would be an 85/100 - and that’s assuming you were perfectly efficient anyways!

Adding 15% to your organization’s most key metric may seem like a dream, but I assure you it is completely possible if you maximize your efficiency. Every hour between 9 AM and 5 PM is precious and deserves to be spent as efficiently as possible by every member of your team. What’s the best way to be efficient?

Kiss Inefficiency Goodbye

There’s a concept coined by Kelly Johnson, a renowned aeronautical engineer, called KISS. It means “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. If you work on a team, you probably know how KISS can benefit your product or service. Did you know it can also benefit the team itself? Just like the product your team works on, you should apply simple and stupid approaches to your approach to sales, meetings, marketing, and more.

Simplifying your sales funnel is key to ensuring it scales effectively. Keeping your meetings brief and concise will boost employee happiness and allow them more time to complete key tasks. Even when tackling new marketing ideas it requires great coordination between all parts of a team, so you must approach them with simplicity in mind. When your organization’s operations are simple, everything can be easily managed as you scale.

Many smart companies employ the help of technology to automate their workflow, thus boosting their efficiency and simplifying their daily tasks. Services such as Buffer, Slack, and Salesforce are excellent examples. At Leadtime we enable you to boost your entire team’s efficiency through automation. We take complicated practices such as task tracking, goal management, and data analytics and we make it stupid simple so your team’s efficiency will thrive.

January 27, 2016

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