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Interview Series with Tonni Bennett

Introducing Tonni Bennet the VP of Sales for Terminus

Tonni Bennett is no stranger to Sales. With a background as an AE at companies like Pardot/Salesforce and SalesLoft, she joined the Terminus team and is blazing sales trails. We sat down to talk shop and got so many tips to share with sales leaders looking to grow even more. Listen above or see below for a few key highlights.

What Failure / Challenge / Obstacle have you encountered here at your at Terminus? 

“Sales leadership is hard... and by hard, I mean things are going and changing so fast so there’s always balances you have to keep track of."
"The things that make you successful when you are managing two reps and still selling yourself are different than when you are managing a lot more people."
“In terms of overcoming the challenges, the key is being really transparent. Any time we make a change, I’m always very clear on what the benefit is and what’s the benefit for them.“

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

I think the best business advice I ever received was from our CMO Sangram. There were times when I’d come to him asking for direction and he says “ What are you waiting for? You need to take charge of your career. You need to be driving things forward.”

“Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. The way you get to where you want to go is by doing the job (even if you don’t officially have it yet) and kicking ass at that job and seeing what needs to be done and just accomplishing it.”

Watch the full interview: 


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December 21, 2016
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