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Interview Series with Derek Grant

Meet Derek Grant, VP of Sales at SalesLoft

Derek has been in sales for over 10 years, most recently with a company called SalesLoft. He’s currently the VP of Sales and is helping inside sales professionals crush their sales goals.

In our chat we dive into some of the challenges sales leaders are up against when getting sales reps to top performance. He speaks to the challenge SalesLoft is facing in taking SDRs through the promotion process and what the team is doing about it.

I can talk about a challenge that I think most inside sales professionals are facing today and that’s taking top of the funnel sales professionals and sales development folks and being able to help them cross the chasm and help them turn into wonderful, productive AEs.

He also shares insider tips on some of his favorite tools of the trade: 

We are really beginning to be super power users of Leadtime. Our Sales Ops Leadership loves it. The ability to go in and dig deep and be able to find sources of information that really Salesforce isn't great at. Salesforce is really great at the here and now, but trending and looking back overtime knowing how data looked 3 months ago, 6 months ago—those snapshots of data are really powerful and those things that we can't really get natively out of

Derek also shared a few thoughts on the leadership he had back when working at Pardot. He mentions the then CEO of Pardot, David Cummings had work/life rhythm down to a T.

It was like a little dust cloud as he went running out of the office [ 5 o'clock] as he had to be home in time for dinner and to put the kids to bed and you could count on him like clockwork at 7:45pm he'd be back on—emails coming across and he would work through the remainder of the evening.

David is now the CEO (or more accurately Jack of All Trades) at Leadtime and we're thrilled to have the same leadership style at our helm.

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November 23, 2016
Jacey Lucus

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