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Interview Series with Andrew Foster

Meet Andrew Foster, Owner / Head of Accounts, Foster Ideas

Andrew is a lead generation, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Google Analytics, & SEO wizard. We had the chance to hop on the phone and chat about a recent project he’s been working on and it was excellent to hear about some of the pain points and then solutions that Foster Ideas has experienced.

This interview kicks off with a day in the life of this PPC pro then dives right into some great lessons learned. 

In Andrew’s spare time, he enjoys investing in Safe Kids Georgia. He was involved in helping them secure a $10,000 grant from Google AdWords. They provide awareness of preventable injuries for kids. If you’re interested in hearing more. Feel free to reach out.

Andrew had great podcast suggestions, book suggestions and a reference a solid piece of advice he'd received: 

“Have empathy for other people. As advertisers, we have a lot of power to influence billions of people...Being empathetic for people goes a long way.”

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November 14, 2016
Jacey Lucus

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