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How to Hack Salesforce

Salesforce can get tricky but, like almost everything in life, you can do things to make it more simple. Here are some of our top Salesforce hacks to help make your job easier.


Want to make your life easier with a push of a button? Well guess what, you can. Buttons help simplify everything and can decrease error by making actions more self-explanatory.

Here’s how you can add, or remove, buttons for both standard and custom objects.

Standard Objects

Setup → Customize → Click the object you want to change → “Search Layouts” → Edit  

Then just add the buttons you want and save

Custom Objects

Setup  → Create  → Objects  → click a custom object  → “Search Layouts” → Edit  

Then just add the buttons you want and save!

View Accounts Once

Sometimes in SalesForce you may be working with a certain number of accounts but they will show up multiple times in your grand total because each account has more than one opportunity. This gets especially confusing as you deal with more and more accounts.

App Setup → New → Formula  → Number → Next → Enter the number “1” in the field → Next → Unselect “Add” for Account Layout → Customize → Add “AccNo” as a column → Select “Summarize this Field” → Sum → Apply

Once you go through all of the steps and run your reports you should be able to get a more accurate understanding of the number of accounts you are dealing with.

Email Templates

Email templates are a great way to save time and can be very useful when sending out cold emails.

My Settings → Click on the email section → Email Templates → New Template → Click one of the options Text, HTML (Using Letterhead), Custom (Without Letterhead) or Visualforce

Once you’ve selected one of the options you will be able to customize the different fields to design a template that fits your needs.

Export Your Data Weekly

Salesforce gives you the ability to schedule weekly backups. Doing this allows you to recover records in the event that any are lost or deleted.

Setup → Data Management → Data Export → Select your format → Select either one or “Include All Data” → Start Export

Once all the data has been exported you will receive an email with a link to a .zip file with your backup.

What are your favorite Salesforce hacks?

November 29, 2016

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