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How Searching “Web Presence” can open up a whole new world of customers

Have you been struggling to find your next marketing campaign idea or sales email messaging?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying to think about creative campaigns to send along to our customers and buyers.

When you take a look at this framework (℅ Termimus), you’ll see the Buyer and Customer journey is ALWAYS shifting and moving and as a marketer, you need to stay relevant in the content you provide to them.  


No customers want to see email campaigns saying “Try our Product,” and no buyers need to see campaigns about “Check out our newest feature for your already thriving account.”

When it comes to really targeting the buyers, let’s be real, sometimes we need a bit of inspiration when it comes to getting on their level. What can you say that you haven’t already said on all your social media channels and sent in your nurturing campaigns?

Leadtime has just released a new feature that's changing the way we target. (That's right, we eat our own dogfood and use this tool just the same as you do!)

Drum roll please…

Introducing “Web Presence” condition searching in our profile manager.

Here’s What Web Presence Is:

• The proprietary Leadtime web crawler crawls millions of websites in search of keywords, tags, metadata, DNS records and headlines (think H1 tags).

• This crawling bot scrapes all of these sites daily then compiles and stores it in our database.

• To get results, you go to the Leadtime Profile Builder and create a new profile.

• Once you’ve input a few basic characteristics of your Ideal Customer (ie they are in the US and a tech company), you navigate to the “Web Presence” condition filter and type a specific word that resonates with that current Ideal Persona.
When selecting a condition under Web Presence you can choose from Company Website, Homepage Content, Headline titles, News, Job postings, Alexa Ranking or Blog varied results.

• Once you input this word, the models run on the profile you’ve created and output a list of all of your current customers who have that specific term as a part of their website presence. 

• In addition to this current list of accounts created, you also have a net-new list of accounts who are not currently in your system to target.

Here’s WHY you should use web presence searching:

Predictive is the jumping block of account based campaigning. You have to start with your ideal accounts first and you have to make the content you create relevant when you are engaging them. This is a great opportunity to get on their level. BE RELEVANT. The “Web Presence” condition filter helps you hone in on messaging that really matters to that future customer. It helps them understand that you actually care about the problems they are facing and want to help solve that problem.

But do you have an example of how this works?

Yes, yes we do! Thanks for asking!

We recently had a customer sign on a BIG client. This new BIG client of theirs is a ticket sales platform. Logically it makes sense for our customer to go after more customers JUST like this one, right? So how can they first find customers similar to this BIG client and then customize campaigns geared to similar BIG clients?

Here’s how:

They duplicated a profile with a few basic characteristics of their Ideal Customer then navigated to the “Web Presence” condition filter, “Website contains” and input the term “buy tickets”.

The results came back with 222 accounts in their current database that they could currently market to with this type of content on their site.

Outside of that, there was nearly 1000 net-new accounts that were not currently in their database that they could begin selling and marketing to.

Now they are winning!

Problem solved! Our customer now has the ammunition to jumpstart their account-based marketing and sales. They have the accounts selected. They have the theme (“buy tickets”) to jumpstart topics of conversations for connecting with these future customers.

Now what should you do?

Go, engage your customers, you have the list! Start creating campaigns with that key term in mind.

Interested in really taking your campaigns to the next level? Great! we want to help you get there! (Really though, we are here for you!) Sign up for a demo here and we can show you around the app.

Feel free to sign up for our newsletter here as well. We send out fun predictive updates and fun links to relevant content on the regular.

Here’s to jumpstarting your Account Based Strategies!

March 22, 2017
Jacey Lucus
Data Tips

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