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How Do You Benefit From Buyer Personas

There seems to be a common misconception that buyer personas can only be utilized by marketing teams. While buyer personas are crucial for marketing teams, they can also be helpful for your sales team as well as your entire company. Here's a quick breakdown on how they can help in each of the three areas.


An Understanding of What Your Accounts Need

When you know the problems that your customers and accounts are facing, you can help them find ways that your product is a solution. Personas help you break down the possible problems, fears, or interests. When creating a marketing campaign you don’t want to shoot arrows into the dark and hope the campaign sticks. Instead, you want to use your marketing campaign as a chance to communicate with your accounts and show them you understand their problems, wants, and needs. For example, if a common concern of your accounts is having their sales team waste too much time on prospecting then it would make sense to have a persona with that fear. You can then craft a campaign for that persona and it will be more likely to be effective with that target audience because it is directly addressing a need of theirs.

Branding Consistency

Using personas lets you understand a lot about your target audience and accounts. However, it also helps you stay on track within your marketing team. As a marketing leader, you can easily use personas to help assign work to your team. For example, if you have a VP of Sales persona you can assign someone the task of creating content for that persona and if you have a Marketing Manager persona you can assign that to another individual on your team and so on. Having personas lets your team know exactly who they are creating content for and what it should entail. Additionally, if someone on your team is cranking out content you can easily ask them which persona they are writing for and you will know what content is coming and what still needs to be created.


Strategize Your Sales Approach

When a sales team, much like marketing, has a buyer persona you have a deeper understanding of buying motivations as well as pain points. Rather than knowing what content to create you know how you should speak to and sell to an account. So much of sales is personality. When you have clashing personalities it can be hard to close a deal. Developing strategies to sell to different personalities allows you to do your job more efficiently. A persona can also highlight where an account could be in the sales cycle. Is an account just starting to look or are they in need of a product ASAP? Wherever they are in the buying process influences everything from your tone of voice to how often you reach out to them. Personas at different buying stages can help you determine how you should be talking to accounts in similar stages.

Your Whole Team

Company Alignment

Marketing and sales alignment should always be in the back of your mind and buyers personas can help with aligning your teams because everyone knows who they should be talking to and how. Check out our previous blog on marketing and sales alignment for some insight on common alignment problems. Buyer personas aren’t just for marketing and sales teams though! Personas can help your entire company have a better understanding of who might be a customer and who already is a customer. Anyone who handles your customer service can use buyer personas to understand what a customer is using your product for and what problems they may have. Buyer personas allow for your company to have a unified understanding of both current and potential customers.

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June 11, 2017

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