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Getting Started with Social Selling

Social selling is all about getting your company’s social media accounts to work in your favor. Social selling lets you use social media as a channel to connect prospects with your content as well as your brand as a whole. Social selling allows you to find and connect with the right prospects, improve and maintain your brand’s image, and generate leads.   

Build your image

In today’s market, social media is the biggest, and arguably the most important, method for creating a professional image for your company. Being trustworthy and respected is important when consumers are determining which brand they want to buy from and work with.

Find your prospects

Social selling provides an opportunity to connect with prospects on a different yet effective method than cold calls. One of the benefits of social media is its ability to connect your company with all types of people. The opportunities to find and connect with the right type of prospect is notably easier than cold calling or cold emails.

How can you get started?

Identify your target market

Once you have determined who you want to target you should then determine which social media platforms you should be using. In addition to which platform your target market is using you should know the type of content that appeals to them most. Are they on Facebook watching videos or do they just want a quick tweet on Twitter?

Define your brand

What type of brand presence do you want to have on social media? You should take the time to sit down and come up with a style guide and craft content in advance that matches the social image you want. Whether your voice and tone on social media is carefree and friendly or if it’s businessy and calculated, you need to make sure you still maintain a sense of professionalism. You should create a unique voice that stays true to your company while being approachable and informed of your industry and product.

Craft your content

Your content goes hand in hand with defining your brand. Having content available on your social accounts allows for your company to be known for more than just your products. Consider crafting content, such as blogs and ebooks, that is relevant to what your company does. Doing this demonstrates that your company is knowledgeable of the industry which adds to your credibility.

Engage and communicate with your audience

So much of sales and marketing is about communication. Social media provides direct and immediate access for you to do just that with potential customers. If someone sends a social account a message or posts on your page’s wall then you should be responding as soon as possible. The same goes for complaints. Customers complaining on social media seems like a nightmare because of how public it is. Rather than deleting or ignoring angry comments or posts directed towards your company, use the opportunity to show how good you are at addressing a customer’s concerns.

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December 28, 2016

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