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Exploring FlipMyFunnel's Strategy

Traditionally, a sales funnel is large at the top and progressively gets narrow. This shape makes sense because you start of with a large number of leads and some drop off as you travel through your pipeline and end with just a few accounts that you close on. Our friends over at FlipMyFunnel are shaking things up in a new way though.

FlipMyFunnel is an organization that teaches you new ways to think about account-based marketing. With FlipMyFunnel, your traditional funnel is flipped upside down. Their strategic funnel is made up of four parts: identify, expand, engage, and advocate.


In this stage you find your best-fit leads. This can be made easier by using predictive lead scoring and going after your highest ranked accounts. Once you have your list of accounts you’re ready to get started.


This step is all about expanding your reach to those who work for or are involved with your target accounts. Here is where account-based marketing and sales really comes into play, you should focus your efforts on the accounts you want and not everyone at once.


Content is king when it comes to engagement. All the ebooks, blogs, infographics, and any other material that your marketing team has been working on, when relevant, should be sent out to your accounts. Engagement is now towards the bottom of your funnel rather than being your first course of action. This flip allows you to focus your content creation efforts on content that is directly relevant to the accounts you are talking to.


FlipMyFunnel’s final step is build out your fan base. The more your current accounts advocate for you, the more likely you are to bring in new accounts.

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February 22, 2017

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