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Demand Generation Vs. Lead Generation

When it comes to demand and lead generation, the difference can get a bit murky. We know your sales and marketing teams are focused on one end goal, getting more quality customers! To get there, companies can use one or both of these generation methods, but knowing the different processes leading up to that goal can be very helpful when you begin creating content.

What is Demand Generation?

Demand generation is all about generating awareness and getting your company’s name out there so your products are being considered. 

Demand generation allows you to focus on creating relationships with your accounts. Once you have established a relationship with an account, you can begin leading them through your sales pipeline. Often, companies that focus on demand generation utilize inbound sales efforts.

Role of Content in Demand Gen

When it comes to content marketing in this space, where should you focus? Your content should educate your Ideal Customer about your product and industry. Much of the content that your marketing team will create when focusing on demand generation should be used to shape perception. Whether it's about your brand, about your product or focused on educating your audience, always be building up demand around YOU!

Examples of demand gen content include blogs, white papers, and infographics.

Now on to the other side of the scale....

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is all about getting possible accounts interested enough in your company that you increase growth. 

Lead generation is focused on gathering and qualifying as many leads as possible. Then, the leads can be targeted by marketing efforts and become accounts.  Companies that focus on lead generation utilize outbound sales efforts.

Role of Content in Lead Gen

This style of content marketing is a data gathering machine and aligns to account-based marketing and sales strategy. Often marketing teams will partner with sales team on their outbound efforts to ensure all the content they are sending out is cohesive. When you focus on relevant content, such as an eBook or customized outbound email, for a specific account you are working to close, the leads generated are better quality and more likely to close!

Examples of lead generation content include gated eBooks, Webinars, and even speaking engagements.

Whether you are doing lead generation or demand generation, it's imperative to start with your ideal customer in mind.

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February 27, 2017
Caitlin Glasscock
Sales Data

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