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Advice From the Pipeline: Transparency

Transparency in your pipeline is about communication and improvement. A transparent pipeline offers clearly defined information on which leads are interested and what level their interest is. Transparency serves as a way to motivate your sales reps while building up a company culture of honesty.  

If there is transparency among teams, both success and failures can be more easily recognized. Teams leaders should take the opportunity to recognize and commend successes in their sales team so that SDRs are also more likely to be open about difficulties and failures. Once individuals open up about failures, they can be addressed and resolved in a supportive fashion.

Transparency shouldn’t stop with your sales team.

When leaders of a company are transparent about goals and desired progress, teams are able to more effectively work together and create personal goals that reflect their company’s overall goals. A great way for this to happen is for the senior management of a company to share their progress and activity. As senior management becomes transparent, the culture of transparency can trickle down through the company. When a company not only encourages transparency, but has a culture of it, progress can be made more easily because everyone is on the same page.

It comes down to this, transparency in your company and in your pipeline is great for business. Transparency is able to sharpen your employees’ focus by making their progress available to their teams. If you have sales reps that struggle with what leads to focus on or how to focus on them, transparency helps make their actions known in a productive way that gives the opportunity for changes and improvement.

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November 9, 2016
Caitlin Glasscock
Culture Sales

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