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Account-Based Everything

We’ve discussed account-based sales and account-based marketing before but why not go further? Account-based everything is an all encompassing term that draws heavily from account-based sales and marketing and incorporates those strategies into all aspects of your business. Account-based everything is a strong strategy, but incorporating predictive analytics can make your strategies even stronger.

Predictive analytics and account-based everything

Predictive analytics is a way for us to process more information and data than humanly possible. Predictive is able to play a key role in account-based everything by identifying your target accounts. Utilizing predictive enables you to learn about your accounts at specific stages in the buying process. You can then turn around and use what you’ve learned from your current accounts and find similar accounts in your target market.

Align your sales and marketing teams

Account-based strategy isn’t always enough and your target accounts really need those one-on-one interactions. One-on-one is typically a strength of the sales department. That’s where account-based everything comes into play. By aligning your sales and marketing departments you are about to more effectively target accounts by having both relevant content and one-to-one human interactions.

Account-Based Sales Development

Account-based sales development is about viewing your potential customers as accounts and with accounts there should be specific people that you are targeting your tactics towards. It is important to make sure you are speaking with and connecting with the correct person in an account so your efforts aren’t wasted. Each account probably has multiple people that would be good candidates for your product. Identifying these individuals will allow you to determine the best sales and marketing tactics to guide your contacts through your pipeline.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing brings together the marketing team and sales team. The two teams should be working closely to effectively and efficiently target high value accounts. Account-based marketing focuses on specific accounts as opposed to lead generation marketing focused on the creation of leads or even traditional marketing that prioritizes quantity over quality.

Rather than crafting marketing content that is broad and is designed to attract new interests, you create content that focuses on needs of your specific accounts. If you have an account that you know has an interest or need for something then you should create social posts, blogs, ebooks or some other content that address said need.

Inbound versus Outbound

When it comes to account-based everything it’s important to know if you’re efforts should be inbound or if they should be outbound. Finding and closing on larger accounts is harder than just closing on small leads. Outbound efforts consists of one-way communication channels that don’t present the opportunity to communicate with a potential customer. Inbound efforts are about two-way communication with your customers and working to meet their needs.

Inbound marketing techniques can be useful for account-based everything because it allows you to create and market content in a way that addressing your account’s needs and concerns. However, outbound techniques shouldn’t be thrown out. Outbound selling techniques can be tailored to fit the accounts you’re targeting.

January 18, 2017

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