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A Guide to Humanizing Buyer’s Experience

In today’s market, the buyer has more control than ever and is even influencing how companies shape their experience. This in part is from social media giving buyers a way to immediately and directly communicate with any company. Buyer’s expectations are higher than ever and they want to feel like they are being helped as they solve a problem rather than being sold to. The best way to do this? 

Humanize their experience so they don’t feel like they’ve been interacting with a robot trying to sell them something.

Be a Company They Can Relate To

A buyer doesn’t want to purchase a product from a company they know nothing about so make sure to show a little personality. How many decisions do you make simply because something FEELS right? Buyers are people too and are likely to make a purchase if they relate to and feel connected to your company. People align themselves with like minded individuals and businesses are the same. Putting forth the effort to show that you care and remember them works wonders. Send GIFs or jokes that enhance your conversation or shoot them an email with an article that is relevant to something you talked to them about, work related or other.

Provide a Key Takeaway

Your future customer is out there looking for a reason to buy a product. They have X problem and need a product that does Y to fix it for them. How does that impact you? It changes the way you talk to a potential buyer. A key factor in getting an account to close is finding an key takeaway, this is whatever factor of your product that will solve a major pain point for your account. Demonstrate to them the results your product will give them and they will associate those results with your company when it comes time for them to make a decision.

Customize Your Content and Efforts

It’s easy for an account to be overwhelmed with all the content that circulates in their industry. There’s so many websites, reviews, blogs, and ebooks provided by each company that is trying to sell a product to them. Stand out in the crowd of noise and content overload by providing your account with a sales experience that is relevant and useful to them. You can do this by personalizing your content to fit their specific needs. For example, if an account has been expressing a desire to know more about prospecting it would be a good idea to send them content that is about prospecting and not just a generic email with a link to an unrelated blog.


Do you have any other strategies to seem more human to your accounts? Let us know!


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May 31, 2017

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