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A Buyer's Journey

Traditionally the buyer’s journey can be broken into three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decisions. During a buyer’s journey it is important to engage with your buyers, either from a marketing or sales perspective. What stage a buyer in determines how you should be talking to them as well as what kind of content you should be sending their way. Knowing what stage your buyer is in is critical so you know how you should be guiding them through the pipeline.

Here’s a breakdown of the stages and content your teams should have drummed up.

Traditionally the buyer’s journey can be broken into three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decisions.

These stages are all crucial but there’s also so much more to the buyer’s process. 

Awareness Stages

Awareness is not just the beginning stage of a buyer’s journey but is rather several different stages throughout the entire process.

Before your buyer even starts their journey they are unaware. While they are unaware, the focus should be on problems they might have. Once the buyer is problem aware their focus is on finding a solution. In order to target this account, you should be sending them content that not only helps them identify a possible problem but helps them find a solution to that problem.

Your buyer has now realized that your company’s product is a possible solution to their problem, bringing them into Solution Awareness. While your buyer is in the solution awareness stage, you should be selling to them the value of your company’s product as well as the different ways it fits their needs. In this awareness

After your account has taken your product into consideration, the next awareness stage is when they are Most Aware. When your buyer is in the Most Aware stage, they have a full understanding of how your product fits their needs and solves their problem. At this point, your efforts should be in leading them to a close where they ultimately buy your product.

Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is all about exploring possible solutions and committing to that solution. The consideration stage is when Solution Awareness is at it’s strongest. Here is when you should show your buyer specifically how your product fits their needs. A good way to do this is by sending them case studies and video testimonials for companies similar to theirs.

By this point, your account should be starting to commit in the direction of their solution. You can help make sure that direction aligns with your product by aligning their solution with a specific set of business needs. Content that you send your account can be customized blogs or ebooks that highlight the problem their company has.

While the buyer is in the consideration stage, your marketing and sales teams should be proactive about reaching out to them. Your company should constantly be in the running while they narrow their options.

Decision Stage

In this stage the buyer justifies their decision and makes their selection. At this point your account is ready to close. You should now be nurturing them to closing and reassuring them about the different ways your company fits their needs and solves their initial problem.

The buyer’s journey does not end with their decision. After the buyer purchases your product they are officially your customer and you must work with them in their implementation stage with your product. After implementation, they are in the support stage where any problems or needs that arise must be handled and addressed by your company. The final stage is renewal. The renewal stage is similar to the decision stage in that they must decide again if your product is meeting their needs and solving their problem.

Check back soon for more posts on the Customer buyer stages. Until then, follow along with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

April 5, 2017
Caitlin Glasscock
Sales Culture

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