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5 Ways Your Team is More Intelligent Than Your System

Business Intelligence is so “in” right now. We can’t get enough of it. We track anything from inventory to cash-on-hand to campaign effectiveness with shockingly accurate results. But here’s a quick reminder: your computer is not the only predictor of your organization’s growth or effectiveness.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and look at your human data. After all, internal engagement is one of the strongest drivers of company success.

5 Ways Your Team Members Are More Intelligent Than Your System

  1. They interact with the customer

Your team is on the front line cold calling customers, creating campaigns, and getting results. They have a working understanding of what is and isn’t effective for your organization’s efforts to gain traction. Your business intelligence tools can record the outcomes of their interaction with prospects, but don’t forget to solicit feedback from your employees themselves. You may find they have insight into your processes that can help shape your growth strategies in the future

  1. They can innovate

Your team members are able to take calculated risks based off of the strategies and metrics you offer them. They can test new sales tactics and blaze new media channels for the company and record the qualitative results and reports. Your BI tools, on the other hand, offer insight into your current actions and forecast their future results. Empower your employees to go off script every now and then, and record the effectiveness with your systems.

  1. They help you brainstorm new ideas

Similar to innovating, your team can offer you a variety of solutions to your current issues and help you create strategies with your specific goals and customers in mind. Consult with your team before setting KPIs, and solicit their feedback when your processes aren’t working. Both actions will help you communicate expectations and help them understand their role in the organization.

  1. They are motivated to see the company succeed

Unlike your BI tools, you team members are motivated to see your KPIs increase. Whether they are motivated by culture, commission, or simply caring, harnessing individual motivation will help the entire company succeed.

  1. They can take action

Last and not least, your employees can act on the insights your BI tools offer. A transparent organization helps empower teams to work towards goals and crush quotas. Communicate the progress made towards your strategic objectives with your team and empower it with the tools needed to get results.

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July 13, 2016

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