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5 Tips to Get More Sales Leads

There isn’t much you are able to do without leads. You need leads so you can make sales and profit. To help you with that, here are some quick and simple ways to increase your lead generation.

Provide relevant resources

Individuals are constantly consuming information and researching every product there is on the market before they reach their decision on what to buy. One of the best ways to appeal to potential leads is to have a plethora of resources and in your disposal to answers any questions they may have. Resources can be anything from blogs and eBooks to instructional videos. Having these resources allows your company to come across as a one stop source for anything they need.

Create conversations on social media

Twitter is a great resource because it allows you to find potential customers and keep an eye on trending topics. Creating and using hashtags allows individuals to find you and your shared content through searching keywords. Once users find you on Twitter there is an opportunity for engagement. The platform is great for back and forth conversations. The same can be said for Facebook comments and responses.


So you may not have a rolodex anymore but you have LinkedIn connections as well as any other contacts you might have. More often than not if you want to meet someone they are probably only a contact or two away. If you can start making a stronger network then you can utilize your contacts to turn them into leads or to meet new leads.

Create a blog

Blogs fall under relevant resources, but they can play a crucial role in attracting new leads. Blogs allow you to control the content that your company is providing. Additionally, blogging allows you the opportunity to connect with other companies by featuring them on your blog or by being featured on the other company’s blog. It’s important to have your blogs written in a way that can generate leads by having a call to action such as a link to sign up for newsletters or a link to a demo.


Infographics are an easy way to quickly get your point across in a visual way. They’re easy to read and easy to share. You can push an infographic out on social media, send it in an email, or even feature it as the body of a blog post.

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November 2, 2016
Caitlin Glasscock

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