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4 Ways to Streamline Salesforce for Sales Success

Data-driven sales coaching is the number one driver of sales success. Using data and insights creates an unbiased appraisal of a rep’s performance and highlights opportunities for growth.

None of that is possible though without robust and reliable data from which means a key responsibility of Sales Managers today is ensuring that your CRM data is in order. Easy enough, right? If only.

Not only do you need to get your team’s buy-in and full adoption, but you need to make sure you’re getting the right data needed to manage your pipeline, provide accurate forecasts, and coach your team.

What’s a sales leader to do? In this two-part series, we’ll first focus on how to make sure you’re getting the data that you need. Then in Part II, we’ll dive into how to get your reps to better adopt

Here’s how you can make the process as simple as possible while improving the accuracy of your sales data.

1. Make your clicks count

When collecting data, the key is quality, not quantity. It’s tempting to want to know every little detail about a customer or a deal, but the more detail you require, the longer it takes and the more frustrating it is for your reps.

Limit fields to only the bare minimum it takes to move the deal to the next stage, but make those fields mandatory. You can do this either through using required fields where the rep can’t submit the form until it’s all complete or through dependent fields that depend on the value of another field (the controlling field).

2. Use Picklists

In order to make your data actionable and get the full benefits of reporting, you need to standardize responses. Don’t leave it to your reps to remember to do it. Using Picklists not only standardizes the answers and improves accuracy, it makes the process much easier for your reps.

3. Training & Support

Make training a part of your onboarding process to ensure everyone knows what they’re doing and why you want data collected. Most people learn best by doing the task themselves so provide ongoing classroom-style training to your team. Next, reinforce the training in your 1-on-1s by going through your open opportunities in detail. The weekly dig into their data will help hold them accountable and ensure they are completing records effectively.

Finally, make sure to document the what, why, and how of the process in your Sales Playbook so your team always has access to a quick and comprehensive reference guide.

4. Use automation when possible

The more manual tasks your sales rep has to do, the less time she has for income producing activities. There are hundreds of apps in the AppExchange that provide solutions like workflow automation, call tracking, and data cleansing. Check them out and make it a priority to eliminate manual processes whenever possible.

Your coaching is only as good as the data that you use for diagnosis. Make sure yours is in good order and confidently coach your team to sales success.

What else? What is your sales team doing to streamline your Salesforce process? Let us know!

July 18, 2016

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