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4 Steps to Effective Coaching

The process of managing employees is no longer contained in a formal review process. Instead, coaching your employees is seen as a more effective, long-term way to engage your team and foster individual growth.

Coaching requires more time invested into your people, but, when done correctly, it can boost employee buy-in and team efficiency overall.

Follow these four steps to make your coaching and feedback process more effective.

1. Make the Game Plan.

Decide what you want your employees to accomplish before you give them a project. Good coaches take into account their internal and external environments, and want to set their teams up for success. By creating a clear picture in your own head of how a specific project should be accomplished, you will be better able to communicate with your people and get buy-in.

2. Set the Goal.

Meet with your employees and talk one-on one about objectives, expectations, and milestones for the project. Once again, clarity is your best tool. Set specific objectives and decide on measurable milestones to mark progress. Set them up for success with clear expectations.

3. Give feedback.

Regular feedback will make sure that your employees are on the right track. Get together one-on-one and talk about any issues or concerns you have about the project. Commend your employees for the milestones they have accomplished, and end with anticipation for the accomplishments to come.

4. Debrief

Don’t forget to meet with your employees once the project is all said and done to discuss what worked, what didn't, and what could have been done better. Be sure to reward accomplishments and celebrate success. This positive reinforcement leads to happier and more engaged workers, and a better system as a whole.

Coaching your team is easy with DataVibe’s pulse tool. Check in with your team members daily, weekly, or whenever you choose, and make sure everybody knows the next play.

June 3, 2016
Heather Carpenter

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