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3 Tips on Getting Specific, Aligned and Timely

Change is hard. 

If you’ve ever tried in implement a new system at work, develop a new hobby, or even reach a personal goal of say losing weight, you know what I’m talking about.

As a leader, you’re tasked with not only getting the highest possible ROI or closing the most deals, but making sure you’re guiding your sales or marketing team to also achieve those things. You’re changing the way they think about metric tracking. So how do you know if the lead measures you’re tracking are working? Or even on the right path?  

The key is determining whether you’re making high-quality commitments to move the needle closer to your end goal. We know it’s no easy feat but with these 3 helpful tips you can evaluate your team’s commitments and become an even better leader.

1. Be Specific

Don’t settle for a commitment such as “I’m going to blog more.” Instead, push your team for more specific lead measures such as “I’m going to blog X times/week with a focus on XXX.” Another example would be changing a non influenceable measure of “Win back former clients” to “Contact XX former clients lost to other competitors and generate persuasive proposals to re-sign with us.”

2. Get Aligned

Ensure that every commitment from your team aligns with your main initiative. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of daily tasks, but challenge each team member to ask themselves “What can I personally do this week that would have the greatest impact on our wildly important goal?” Your weekly stand up meetings will be more energized and see higher results when the team focuses on a priority that aligns with your top goal.

3. Make it Timely

Challenge each team member to track metrics that can be measured within the week. Be wary of “I’m making progress” answers. These answers often mean a team member is over committed or not prioritizing the most important tasks. Focusing on just one or two commitments each week will ensure big wins. As you’re team continues to see big wins weekly, they will see the needle move at every meeting, not just monthly.

How has your team seen big wins as you’ve shifted to more specific, aligned and timely commitments? We’d love to hear!

August 1, 2016
Jacey Lucus

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